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Website updates - Bricks and Mortar, Credit Option and Forge World purchases

Hi Guys,

We've been a bit quieter than we would like recently as we have been working on a few projects to help Composite Games grow.

Firstly we are due to head up to Scotland later this week where we will be meeting with a potential business partner.

This is important as it will potentially help us set up our new bricks and mortar shop in a much stronger position.

Secondly we have just finished adding a credit partner to our site.

As we have mentioned before one of our key objectives is to improve access to tabletop hobbies

Our partnership with Laybuy will allow customers to buy items on a 6 week plan interest free and once we have confirmation that the plan is agreed we will send your goods out as soon as possible.

This means people can buy bulk purchases and can only pay a small weekly amount for 6 weeks.

In addition this means that we can look to introduce Forgeworld items to our site, these items will be intended to be purchased on the payment plans.

There will include a 10% handling fee applied to Forgeworld items, this is to cover the admin fee of the Laybuy purchase and the ordering of the item.

So for example if someone wanted to order a Leviathan Dreadnought with weapons which is priced at £77.

We would charge the item at £84.70 and the customer would pay 6 interest free payments of £14.12 and we would arrange for the item to be delivered direct to the customer.

We will be looking to trial the Forge World items in October and if you have anything in particular you would like to purchase then please let us know.

Well be sharing some more details with you soon.

Kind regards



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