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Halo Flashpoint Pre Orders and Star Wars Day

The fantastic new Halo Flashpoint game from mantic is up for pre order on our site now! this games looking like it will be really fun and absolutely brilliant if your a fan of the halo series.

It comes in 2 really action packed editions the Spartan edition which comes with extra terrain and models such as 4 elites which can only be gotten in this boxset. as well as a Recon edition which is the starter set. There are also an extra boxset of terrain to make games extra fun and enthralling. The game is based on the Mantic Dead Zone game system. if we can get enough pre orders we will be sent a store copy for people to try out before its final release in October this year. We currently have an extra 5% off code for these fantastic sets ready for the pre order window. Coupon code: FlashpointPreorder

May the 4TH Be With You

We are hosting a special star wars day on Saturday may the 4th we will be having demo games of all the popular star wars games such as, legion, armada, x-wing, shatter point and star wars unlimited TCG. we will be open 12-10pm with plenty of space for people to learn and play. so come on down and join us in store.

The miniature based games are a fantastic way to play the games the armada and x-wing ships come pre painted and can be played straight out of the box. fleet based games can be immense fun as you have to think tactically to out manoeuvre your opponent. Star wars legion models come on sprues or as resin miniatures similar to warhammer. the core sets are a fantastic way to start collecting these games or splitting with a friend.

Star wars unlimited is the new TCG released a few months ago. it has proven very popular as it has a mix of yugioh and magic on how to play. it uses colour aspects to make decks with leader and a base which needs to be defeated. the first set has 252 cards in the collection with holos, full arts and more. the game is really fun and if your a star wars fan its an absolute must have. demos will be available all day of these games and we will have a special promo code to use to purchase any star wars items on Saturday may the 4th.

We have our gaming days/nights Thursday-Saturday we have general gaming as well as DND session on most days with spaces available for people to join. we also have wrath and glory every alternating Saturday which is the Warhammer version of DND and has proven to be really fun and engaging game. we are located in Doncaster town centre with plenty of parking around us. if you want to jump into our discord please follow the link below and you can join in our discussions and try and join in the DND sessions.

We have still been experiencing issues with our deliveries, but we have been trying to source items for orders from alternate means for customers. we had a large wave of orders dispatched last week and you would have received tracking info if your order was one of them. we have been trying to keep up with customer communications but we have lost a member of staff who used to do this job so please bear with us if you do not hear from us straight away. we are expecting another delivery this Thursday/Friday and we will be updating orders with more tracking info once we have the items in our premises. We greatly appreciate our customers patience during this period.


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