In store gaming


When coming into our store, if you want to be guaranteed table space please book in advance! you can either message us through our website or through our discord channel. When booking table space please let us know your name, what time you would like to book for and how many points you plan to play. If you are not yet a member of our discord then please click the button below to join! We discuss new rules, paintwork and more in there.


1. Tables must be booked a minimum of 24hrs before the game is due. Failure to do this will mean the players are subject to on the day availability.

2. Table availability will be subject to the below timescales

0 - 500pts - 60mins

501pts - 1000pts - 90mins

1001pts - 1500pts - 2hrs

1501pts - 2000pts - 2.5hrs
(Bigger games can be arranged with management approval)

3. Once the game time has run out the players are to complete their game at the end of the current turn.

4. Management reserve the right to end games early if the are deemed to be needlessly problematic, disruptive or anything that management feels is impacting other players in the store.

5. 3D printed models are restricted to personalised chapter markings or base decals etc and 75% of the model must be an official model. Management reserves the right to allow 3D printed models of game legal items that don't have an existing model.

6. Players have a 15 minute window to start their game from the allotted time. Players arriving outside this time will need to wait for a table to become available.

7. Games played in store are intended to be played casually to help newer players understand the rules. Players wanting to play tournament play must agree to this before the game begins.

8. Management reserve the right to change the store table use policy without prior notice