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Store Events And Learner Days

over the next few week and month we will be doing a lot more events for you all. ranging over many game types whether your a veteran of the games or a beginner.

Star wars Day 29th june

Our first event will be another Star Wars Saturday on the 29th of June.

we will be hosting Star wars armada, Legion and x-wing bring your army in and get using the force. If you don't have any models we will have demo games of everything available for you to try out all day. Star wars armada and x-wing are brilliant quick ship based games that don't take long to play and all the ships come pre painted. we will also be having demo games of the brilliant star wars unlimited card games. it will be £5 per person to play for the day.

Narrative campaign Starts!! 5th July

The fabled narrative campaign will be starting on the 5th of July packed full of fluff and a fun way to get games of 40k in! Everyone who wants to get involved needs to pick a faction. Imperium, Chaos or Xenos once your locked into a faction you cannot change but you can play different armies in said factions. the first games will be played at 1000 points (incursion) we will have games run off of the lethian deck as well as the new deck being released we will also have special narrative themed games for you to try out to. a win will snag your faction 5 points a draw 3 points and a loss 1 point. the campaign will run for 2 months at the end of which the faction with the most points wins and each player part of that faction will receive store credit! there will be much more info posted into the discord in the coming days so make sure you are in it! (link at the bottom). You will be deciding the fate of an entire system and the outcome will play a major factor into the second campaign. it will be £10 per person to join the narrative campaign but it covers you for the 2 months it runs.

Our Second Warboot! 13th July

We will be holding our second warboot on the 13th july, this is the perfect opportunity to get rid of those old models you no longer need, that pile of shame that's been sat there too long. or maybe its time to pick up some extra models you didn't know you needed? It is £10 for a 2x4 table or £15 for a 4x4 table for 12-5pm if you have a lot and need more space just let us know. Tickets will be put up in the coming week. Narrative Campaign Apocalypse Game 27th July

On Saturday 27th of July 12:30-10pm we will hold an Apocalypse game for the narrative campaign it will effect the rules for the next month of the campaign and change some outcomes in the fight!!

it will be a max of 3k points per person from reed back of previous events more than this is quite overwhelming for players. but your welcome to bring any amount under the 3k as well. Its a good chance for new player to get involved and learn to play in a fun mass game environment to. The game will involve multiple objectives for the factions to complete to gain bonuses and debuffs for factions during the game. Again more info will be posted in the discord about this and on Facebook. so get yourself in the discord server. (link at the bottom) Tickets for the event will be £15 per person but will include a takeaway! it should be a good day. Learner Fridays

we are still introducing learner fridays, the perfect time to learn new games, bring in a game you've wanted to play for a long time but not had anyone to play with. we have a lot of people who are interested in all sorts of games. we have D&D sessions each week with spaces available. we can help with painting and building as well as much much more.

We look forward to seeing everyone in the coming weeks as well as getting conversations going in discord! we are always discussing rules, hobby tips and more. -Dan


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