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Getting back on Track

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to put a blog together to bring people back up to speed on what's happening with the shop as we move forward.

Firstly there has been an issue with the supply chain with Games Workshop which we are now getting on top off.

However this caused significant delays with our customers orders, this along with our ecommerce platform causing repeat issues and delays with releasing customer funds to us was providing our customers with a seriously below par service.

Subsequently we have made the decision to move away from the Wix payment systems and to use an alternative ecommerce system.

In addition we also had some substantial feedback regarding the search functionality of the site and other areas and we have decided that as we have restructured the business we would look at developing a new ecommerce platform that will run parallel with our community website.

Subsequently this has caused issues and information blackouts for our customers which are expecting to drastically reduce over the next few weeks.

One of the unavoidable issues with the recent changes is the difficulty we have experienced with refunding our customers due to the change in the ecommerce platforms.

We will be contacting the people affected by this shortly to advise of the next steps.

The restructure will see the Composite Games brand move back to developing and creating games and roleplaying products for our customers that will be provided through the ecommerce platform managed by Wargaming International Limited. Finally our Community let events with the Neurodivergence and similar communities will be handled by Mindful Gaming CIC.

Here's a breakdown of how the three businesses will interact with each other

Composite Games

Composite Games site will primarily focus on development of D&D modules, tabletop games and arranging and hosting tournaments and similar events in the store.

Wargaming International

Wargaming International will handle the ecommerce aspects of the business and any future orders will be handled via that portal

Mindful Gaming

Mindful gaming will create and run events at the store for younger players, people with mental health concerns, Neurodivergent individuals and anyone else who would like to be involved in the games we promote but have difficulty finding games. Sessions managed by Mindful Gaming will be managed by enhanced DBS checked game masters.

We appreciate that this has been an especially difficult time for our customers and we really appreciate your patience that you have shown us.

We will be making some further announcements regarding our future and the changes we have planned shortly.

Take care


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Looking forward to seeing the revamped site - the search (lack of!) was definitely a significant barrier.

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