Warhammer Quest: Cursed City

Hi Guys,

Games Workshop are about to release their first latest Warhammer Quest game.

This time they are going back to the their fantasy roots with Cursed City, this release will see players return to the Age of Sigmar setting where they will take the roles of heroes as they adventure through the cursed city of Ulfenken.

Those of you who are fans of the last release Blackstone Fortress will be familiar with its modular dungeons, monster slaying and of course loot.

We have ten copies so please let us know if you want one.

As usual we will be pricing these at our standard 20% discount and subscribers will be able to claim their 5% discount a £3.00 of store credit.

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This is looking like its going to be a great game and we are looking forward to seeing which expansions they release.

We have some more news to share so keep your eye on the blog.