This weeks blog

Hi Guys,

I hope everyone is well.

I’ve had to take a few days to reset over the last week so I’m sorry for any lack in communication.

Its been a busy week for us as we have wrapped up our crowdfunding campaign which has brought us in some new customers and helped us highlight a few great causes.

In addition, Games Workshop have finally given us a look at the new Indomitus box set, we are actively collecting the details of people who would like one of these as Games Workshop have stated this is a limited edition set and will not be as readily available as the Dark Imperium one.

Well talk more about this below but for now we just wanted to offer a few points of insight about Composite Games.

Customer Service and Contact

One of the things I’m wanting to put at the forefront of Composite Games is our passion for our customers and getting our customers journey right.

As a small team of four people we work hard to make sure that our customers get their orders at the earliest opportunities.

However, in the current climate this is particularly challenging. Games Workshop are struggling to keep the products on order available and as they only allow us one delivery a week, we need to balance this with our dispatch times and the promises we make.

As a community you have all been amazing with your patience and understanding, however we know that occasionally we have let our customers down and this is major point of focus for us.

So how are we going to address this?

Firstly, as a Bestsellers Foundation stockist at Games Workshop we have a list of items that we have to always have available for sale.

Due to the shutdown we are currently replenishing these items, however we will be noting them with a Stocked ribbon on the site. This means that our customers will be able to identify if an item is immediately available for dispatch.

Additional item’s that we physically have in stock will also have this and we are hoping to gradually increase the stocked range as time goes by.

Secondly, as our community grows it is becoming more apparent that we need to improve the lines of communication that we have.

To combat this, we are in the process of adding a company line which will allow us to better respond to customer telephone queries, in addition we wanted to direct people to our website chat.

By contacting us on the website chat the site will automatically acknowledge your request and send a notification to the customer service team who can contact you with an answer to your query via the site or the community app.