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This week's pre-orders

This week age of sigmar is getting some love with new releases for The nighthaunt, Daughters of khaine, Fyreslayers and idoneth deepkin! There are also some releases for the lord of the rings line. As always if you are interested in any of the items up for pre-order please let us know as soon as possible so that we can reserve enough stock. The Nighthaunt The nighthaunt are getting their updated battletome, warscroll cards and some dice, along with some new models for your force.

The daughters of khaine + Fyreslayers The daughters of khaine are getting a new battletome, and the fyreslayers are getting some cool new models, including a new vanguard set which at an RRP of £80 will only be £64 from us!

Idoneth deepkin Last but certainly not least are the idoneth deepkin! They are also receiving a new vanguard set, perfect for starting a new idoneth army.

Please remember, we have limited time to source this stock so let us know if you're wanting these items, and also don't forget if you subscribe you can get an extra 5% off of anything you order!


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