The One About The Return of the Great Devourer, Awesome Women and Kill Teams new expansion.

Hi Guys,

I hope that you are having a good week so far.

For today's Blog I thought I would we would cover the awesome news from Games Workshop that the 9th edition rules for Tyranids are not to far away.

So far we have had a glimpse of the Tyranid codex, but also today we had a first look at one of the new beasties that is going to feature in the codex, "The Parasite of Mortrex".

Because what's scarier than an army of beasties charging at you? An army of beasties that are laying their eggs inside you of course.

If we learnt anything about the new codexes is they are all packing a punch and if the new the new stuff the Tau and Aeldari have is anything to go by I'm expecting to see Carnifex's biting tanks in half.

What are your predictions? Let me know in the comments below.

Next up I wanted to talk about National Women's Day.

National Women's day is the opportunity for us to recognise the impact women have on the world we live in.

As Warhammer 40K is one of our biggest lines I thought it would be great to start International Women's Day with Mary Shelley, who's first novel "Frankenstein" would effectively become the first Science Fiction novel.

Keeping with the theme of science and space I also wanted to show some appreciation for Judith Love Cohen who It is recorded that she was troubleshooting problems with schematics for a project she was working on at NASA when she went into labour. She went on to complete her task send it to her boss before delivering her baby. A baby that would grow up to become Jack Black!!

Finally. I wanted to close up this segment of the blog with some recognition for Charlotte who joined our team 6 months ago and I thought it would be prudent to show that the hobby of warhammer and tabletop gaming is slowly moving away from been a male dominated hobby.

"Hi everyone, to celebrate international women's day i thought i’d make a post about my experience as a woman working in the tabletop gaming industry.