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The One About Knights

Hi Guys,

I know alot of you have seen the teasers for the Imerpial and Chaos Knights and it looks like they will be be hitting the pre order window next week.

To launch the release the Chaos Knights, Games Workshop is producing an army box set that will include a Chaos Knight kit and two wardogs along with the new codex and data cards.

These army boxes are expected to be limited edition releases so let us know as soon as you can so we can register your interest.

As for the Imperial Knight players, your new codex along with updated kits for the Armigers and Knight Dominus are going on pre ordedr next weekend as well.

And don't worry, the team at Composite Games will be on hand to put all of this goodness along with data cards in a special bundle for people looking to start a new army.

Well have some more details about this and some additional offers this week, but for now I hope you have an awesome bank holiday.

Take Care



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