The One about Games Workshop Price Increases Again

Updated: Feb 11

Hi Guys,

I hope you are all well.

I'm sorry its been such a long time since my last blog along with the pandemic I've had a lot on with a recent addition to my family which unfortunately wasn't a smooth ride.

However, I am pleased to be able to bring you an update on what we have been doing and what you can expect.

First up, lets deal with the Elephant in the room and talk about the announced Games Workshop price increases.

As most of you will be aware, yesterday Games Workshop announced that they will be increasing some of their ranges by 5-20% from the 7th of March

The pricing changes were as follows:

In many cases, this will be about 5%. So, as an example of what you can expect on most kits, a box of Space Marine Intercessors will go up just £1 from £35 to £36.*

A few things are going up about 10% (e.g. books, scenery, resin miniatures), and there are a couple of outliers (e.g. Blood Bowl teams and metal miniatures) which are going up around 20%.

From Composite Games position we are more than aware that the cost of Gas and Electric is going to be increased substantially along with the usual price increases of food and other essential items.

This will effectively strangle some families and make enjoying the tabletop wargaming hobby extremely difficult due to the high cost.

So the question is how is Composite Games going to deal with this?

Most FLG's (Friendly Local Gaming Store - my preferred definition) will follow suit and apply their usual discounts to Games Workshop new prices.

However as Composite Games principal objective is about increasing access to the tabletop roleplaying and wargaming community I think we can do better.

Therefore, will be implementing the below changes to our items on sale in store and online.

1, Army boxes such as Limited-Edition set, Combat Patrols, Characters, troops boxes and Vehicles will be price matched to their current prices.