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The Chronicles of Ollundra and Heroes of Ollundra

The Foundations of Ollundra

A long time ago when I first decided to set up Composite Games, I had the aspiration to create a tabletop roleplaying game that would let players emulate the great heroes from films and books.

However after looking into some existing intellectual properties, it quickly became apparent that the best way forward would be for me to design a fantasy world of my own.

The core concept for Ollundra was always to explore the theme of an alien invasion in a fantasy setting and how this would influence the theology and races of the world.

With the core concept now in place it was just a matter of creating places, people, religions, customs, languages and of course heroes to populate the world. Which was no small task but was fun all the same.

I'll be going further into the foundations of Ollundra as we build up the Ollundra pages on the site but I wanted to give an initial insight to why and how we came up with the Ollundra setting.

The Heroes of Ollundra

The Heroes of Ollundra will be the first opportunity for our players to really experience the world and characters from our Ollundra setting.

In this game players take on the role of the gods who have selected the heroes and villains of Ollundra to be their champions as they fight over powerful artifacts and relics.

The characters that the players select can be taken from a roster of pre existing heroes or created by the players themselves.

The game its self is played over two fields of play, the first is the tabletop where the players characters will interact with the other heroes and work to accomplish their gods objectives.

The second is the gods themselves where players will be able to use their divine powers to manipulate the events of the games or by simply creating strategic alliances with other players via tabletop roleplaying.

We have had some great success with the games playtesting and we are working on finalising the art, board sections and miniatures before we move to the next stage of testing.

You can help support us with the final steps of this project by supporting our crowdfunding campaign that starts tomorrow.

I hope you are enjoying our blogs and if you have any questions then please let us know.


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