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Stock Updates and Games Workshop Warehouse Issues

Hello everyone, we've recently had a small stock increase of a few boxsets previously released.

we have in stock the following boxsets.

1x cadia stands

1x salamanders warforged box

1x court of the crimson king

1x Indomitus boxset!

1x dominion boxset

all these sets are on our online store. first come first served once they are gone they are gone.

Warehouse issues

As many are aware we've recently had a few issues with our deliveries being late and delayed due to games workshop moving warehouses. its that time again where our large order for this week has now been delayed into next week as they have not rectified the issues at the warehouse yet. we apologise for anyone waiting for orders but we appreciate your patience while it arrives and the team can sort shipping out. hopefully in the next few weeks these issues should be rectified and we will receive weekly orders again.

Instore Crusade

The store crusade has been in full swing now for nearly a month with multiple players getting involved we've seen worlds converted to the greater good by the Tau. Planetary defence forces holding back the tide of chaos, the might of the blood angels fell to a tyranid swarm losing 2 planets, completely devoured by the tyranids. if you're able to get into Doncaster there's still time for people to join in and get involved and can also chat in our discord servers.

World eaters pre-orders

Tomorrow we see the pre-orders for the highly anticipated world eaters release. Seeing the fantastic Angron daemon primarch, new khorne berserkers, eight bound and more. its certainly a good time to be a chaos player. the pre-orders will be live at 10am tomorrow ready to claim blood for the blood god and skulls for the skull throne!

Star wars Shatterpoint Pre-orders Live now

The new star wars table top game shatter point is now on our site up for pre order, there's a new core set, terrain boxes and unit boxes. These sets look fantastic and it could be an interesting new way to play a game set in the star wars universe.


Don't forget to jump into our discord server and get involved with us. we have channels for most table top games and plenty of people to help in any hobby needs. Just click the image below to join!


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