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Space Marine Heroes Series 2 and Other Games Workshop Merchandise

Hi Guys,

Now that the dust has settled after the weekends releases we wanted to post something a little bit more positive.

Firstly for our Games Workshop fans, we have managed to source some official Games Workshop items direct from one of our other Wholesaler.

One of the first items that we are stocking is the Space Marine Heroes Series 2.

This box set holds 10 blind boosters, each booster contains one random space marine terminator which comes unpainted and unassembled

These sets are not readily available and despite the random nature of the boxes will normally yield enough miniatures to field two terminator squads.

This along with the unique poses of the miniatures makes them a great addition to any Space Marine collectors collection.

The box set is on our site for £55.00 a box and can be accessed via the space marine listings

In addition we will be listings Pop's, key rings and other items as time progresses.

If there is anything in particular that you would like to see us add then please let us know.

Kind regards



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