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Space marine heroes And the return of Cursed City

Good afternoon everyone! There were some interesting new releases featured on the sunday preview this past weekend, including the new expansion for cursed city : Nightwars.

Because this release does not include the miniatures needed we will be offering a bundle discount if you purchase the expansion along with the six miniatures featured within the game! Keep an eye out for that going up on our website soon! We also saw the announcement for the blind boxes, Space marine heroes. Space marine heroes features six push-fit space marines to collect, they come in red plastic with helmeted and bare head options and although they are featuring the blood angels chapter, you can paint them however you'd like!

These are some cool models and although they are blind boxes, you can choose to purchase the dispenser containing eight boxes, guaranteeing you will get at least one of each model. If you are interested in these Heroes then please let us know via email so that we know how many to purchase!


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