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Slaves to darkness Pre-orders!

Hello everyone! there are some awesome releases coming out tomorrow, including the long anticipated Daemon Prince.

One of the key items up for pre-order this weekend is the General’s Handbook – Pitched Battles 2022-23 Season 2. This kicks off the new season of matched play, it includes new battleplans, battle tactics and grand strategies, and is essential for anyone who enjoys matched play events.

Next up on the list is the Slaves to darkness vanguard and codex! Containing 17 miniatures including a chaos lord, 5 chaos knights (with a brand new upgrade Sprew)10 chaos warriors and a chariot, this vanguard is the perfect way to start a new slaves to darkness army for the new year!

Last but certainly not least, the one you've all been waiting for, the Daemon prince. This kit is playable in both 40k and age of sigmar, and comes with a range of heads - one for each chaos god. Also coming with a choice of weapons and wargear options which make it usable in 40k!

These items will be up for pre-order at 10am tomorrow morning (14/01/2023) so if you're interested make sure to be on our website! There will be a slaves to darkness bundle available for £180 that includes the vanguard and codex, plus Eternus, Blade of The First Prince, a unit of chaos chosen and a unit of Chaos Knights

so if you're interested in getting these items check that out for an even better deal!


We've also seen the sneak peak of the new world eaters combat patrol and lord invocatus and we would like to know who is interested as we already know it is going to be a very popular release. If you are interested let us know by either dropping us a message through the site or an email, or if you prefer message us on discord!

To Join our server on discord and get involved, click the image below!


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