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Shop update and Paint bundles!

Hello everyone! We are currently preparing for the new contrast and shade paints to arrive at the store, and in preparation we have created two bundles on the website ready for purchase! There is a bundle for all 25 contrast paints, which will save you a little money than if you purchased individually, not forgetting our already discounted prices. We also have a bundle for the seven new shade paints, which is also cheaper than buying individually.

Also, just to talk to you guys about our ordering process as we have been getting new customers from all over. As most of you know we are a small store, and as such we don't always have the stock in store ready to ship. Because of this we order stock weekly to get our orders out as soon as possible! Our order day is Tuesday, so if you order after then, please keep in mind you may need to wait till the following week for your item to be sourced. We always really appreciate your patience, and as usual we will keep everyone as informed as possible :) If you have any questions about this or anything else, feel free to drop us a message!


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