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Royal Mail strikes + New releases coming this weekend

Hello everyone! Just a quick update here on the ongoing royal mail strikes to let you all know the strikes planned for the 12th and 14th of November have been withdrawn, so for the next three weeks royal mail should be working as usual. It has also been announced that the CWU (The Communication Workers Union) are planning strike action on Thursday 24 and Friday 25 November and for Wednesday 30 November and Thursday 1 December 2022. There has been no formal confirmation of these dates however so we will be keeping track of things best we can.


New releases this weekend for Age of sigmar! There are lots of juicy new releases for age of sigmar coming this weekend, with a new Slaves to darkness box set and the release of the vanguard for Sylvaneth and Ogor mawtribes. Slaves to Darkness Army Set

This new box set is a great way to start a new slaves to darkness army, it includes 14 new miniatures – a Daemon prince, 10 Chaos Chosen, and three ogroid theridons. It also includes their battletome and battle scroll cards, making it the ideal way to get into a new army!

Ogor Mawtribes Now is an excellent time to get into the Ogor mawtribes as the release of their vanguard and battletome means you can either bulk up your existing force or start a new one! With matching dice and warscroll cards also being released, you'll be able to fully kit out your new army.

Vanguard: Sylvaneth Last but certainly not least are the sylvaneth! Grow a new army or spring forth reinforcements for an existing one with the new Sylvaneth Vanguard, it includes a Branchwych, three deadly Kurnoth hunters, five tree-revenants and a treelord!

Grab these items and more this Saturday, the pre-orders will be live at 10am!


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