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Prize draw progress!

Hello everyone! Thank you so much to everyone who has already put some money towards the latest prize draw. We are a week in and we're so close to 60% pledged, we really couldn't do this without you guys' support. If you don't already know, we're running a prize draw in collaboration with our affiliate NorthernExile to say thank you to our community for supporting us. The money we are collecting will be going towards furnishing our brand new retail space which we will be moving into soon, which offers more than double the space our current unit offers. If you could help us out in anyway, whether that's buying a ticket yourself or sharing with your friends, we really appreciate everyone's help and hope we can achieve the goal and make our new space really awesome for our customers :) Below you can see some images of the new shop, as you can see we're starting from bare bones!

Photo of our new retail location

If you haven't been to our current location, this is much bigger than where we currently are!

We're already planning lots of cool events that will happen in the new space, like Beerhammer, Tournaments and D&D pizza parties so we're really excited to get in there and make it our own. If you want to enter, or if you'd like to share the link with your friends, head over to

Thank you reading! - Composite Team


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