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Piety and Pain and Scalpers

Hi Guys,

As you probably have seen, the new Piety and Pain boxset went on sale yesterday and as usual the scalpers burned through the public stock on the Games Workshop allocation within 15 minutes.

We have managed to reserve four copies for our store, however we may be able to reserve some more.

Once we know if we have been able to increase our allocation we will let you know.

Another thing that people can do is message Games Workshop customer services and complain about the scalping, the reason for this is that the more people that complain about it the more likely they will take note and take steps to stop major releases from being hijacked by people who are not looking to enjoy the products themselves and just resell them at double their prices.

If you wanted a copy of Piety and Pain and were unable to get a copy then contact Games Workshop customer services on and register your complaint with them.

We have some more upbeat stuff to post soon

Take Care



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