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New Votann Releases and Store Opening Times

As most people are aware from last Sundays preview from games workshop, the entire range of The Leagues of Votann are being released for pre order this Saturday. with this release we see the new combat patrol with a variation on the contents of the box set release a few months earlier.

If you missed out on the leagues of votann launch box this is the perfect option to jump on board with this army. as a combat patrol its quite a packed box for what your paying giving a lot of freedom to then purchase more pack and vehicles to build your force.

We have heavy weapon, elite and troop choices for the votann available in stand alone packs adding more variability and weapon options for your forces. as we all know how devastating they can be with their judgement tokens and weapons. as well as these release we finally have the amazing vehicles sagitaur and hekatonne land fortress. bringing destructive fire power to your armies.

These vehicles have been highly anticipated and will be a big seller so you may need to act fast when ordering these new releases.

All these fantastic pre orders will be available from 10am saturday morning. all for 20% off Rrp. This is a major release for the votann so should be good to see the new units in action.

Guard Releases and expectations

We have been teased by a good few new releases lined up for the guard finally brining new squads and new tanks. with a lot more to come.

the new cadia stands box set and a rogal dorn tank which is larger than the leman russ currently the main stay of everyone's guard army.

This tank looks like its going to pack a mighty punch but well have to wait for more informatio0n form the Warhammer community posts on what weapons its going to sport. most likely sunday will see a big release for the guard finally!

New Store Opening Times November

Due to the store becoming busier and more popular for gaming we have decided to shuffle about the opening hours for November to see what people would prefer or come in for. we are going to be opening Sundays in November with the first being 6th November.

we will be running late night gaming on Fridays and Saturdays including, star wars armada and x wing, Warhammer 40k, age of sigmar and D&D. we are also hoping to run a star wars armada and x wing campaign on Sundays with 4 players already so if anyone else is interested in joing in on this drop us a message.

New Opening Times


Tuesday 12-5pm

Wednesday 12-5pm

Thursday 12-5pm

Friday 12-8pm

Saturday 12-10pm

Sunday 12-6pm

*parking is free on Sundays outside of the store on the street sunny bar as well as the market car park located 2 minute walk for the store.



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