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New store, Delays and A Draw.

Hey everyone, we have finally completed our move into the new premises located in Doncaster 24A Hallgate DN1 3NG. the move went well and we have a brilliant community who helped us move on Sunday the 19th. We wouldn't be able to continue doing the things we are doing without our community so we send out a heartfelt thank you to each and everyone of you. The new store offers us greater space for gaming of all game types as well as a much brighter and better atmosphere.

Thank you again to everyone who came and helped us move last weekend it made a stressful day much easier. The store has gone from strength to strength over the last 4 days with shelving and tables all set up and spaces for gaming. we have had a busy store since Thursday with games of all different types taking place.

We have 2 up coming events planned for instore in December. First on the 9th of December is a combat patrol tournament with more information being announced next week. we also have a competitive D&D event on the 16th of December. So keep an eye out for these in the coming weeks! The Bad News

We suffered 2 weeks of delays from games workshop prior to the move and when we finally sorted it out with them they decided to send it to the wrong address. We have however finally received this gigantic order we were waiting for and will be resuming normal operations next Wednesday and should be shipping as many outstanding orders as we can but please bare with us as there is a lot of catching up to do and may take 2 weeks to complete but we hope it to be sooner. An incident outside of the store.

Unfortunately last night we had an incident where a window was smashed at the front of the store from an altercation with some passer-by's leading to our window being broken just as we had been in the store 4 days. This is an expensive repair and boarding up job but does lead us to a Draw we have running which has 3 days remaining and has a target of £600 which would greatly support us at this time to get the window issue resolved ASAP. it is a draw so a winner will be picked who will receive £150 RRP of anything they would want to order. the last draw winner won £400 of starwars armada items!

Please follow the link to our Crowdfunder page and anything you can give will massively help to reach our goal and get the Windows Repaired.

On a lighter note, keep an eye out over next week for more posts about the planned events and other gaming in store and if you want to get involved with us get into our discord! -Dan


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