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New Shop Opening Date and Dominion Release

Hi Guys,

I'm sorry things have been quiet over the last few weeks.

We have been in the final stages of securing the lease to our new shop and we encountered some delays with the process.

However we have now managed to secure a date and we are now able to complete the 1st stage of our business plan.

All going well we will be looking to open the shop for trade from the 01/07/21 which fortunately coincides with the launch of the new Dominion set.

The new Dominion box set marks Games Workshops launch of the 3rd edition of Age of Sigmar.

This new box set is following the same template as the Indomitus set from last year with two fantastic sets of models and a limited edition rulebook.

We have made sure that we have reserved a fair amount of these this time and we will be reintroducing the token system that we successfully trialed with the Cursed City launch to help avoid scalping.

The pre order tokens are now live and again don't cost you anything.

Just like last time you will receive a website token that you can redeem against a copy of the set once the pre order window opens on the 19/07/21

We'll be sharing some more news about the shop and our future plans shortly as well as introducing the new members to our team.

For now take care and don't forget to grab your tokens while they are available.




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