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New Releases

Hi Guys,

After a short break Games Workshop are about to reopen their release schedule.

This weeks pre release preview includes Necromunda, Warhammer: Underworlds and Bloodbowl.

First Up

This coming Saturday, Games Workshop will be releasing Hedrakka's Mob an Orktastic band of feral Orks that will be perfect for players to bash against their opponents.

The set includes 4 special characters named Toofdagga, Dakko Sharp-Stikka, Wallop da Skull, and Hedkrakka, the Gob of Gork along with all the cards and rules to play them.

So if you find yourself tending to focusing more on a strategy of head butting your foes, this may be the warband for you.

Next up we have some new releases for Blood Bowl.

This week we will see new releases for the fans and coaches of the Doomlords team.

These releases will consist of a new pitch

A new Chaos Chosen card pack

And a new shinny set of dice.

And don't forget the dice are a limited release as with most Games Workshop items so if you want a set please let us know asap.

And finally.

A few months ago Games Workshop teased the release of a new wallet friendly core set for Necromunda and today the warning bell was rang.

As with all new sets these tend to flash up on the scalper radars so we will be looking at allocating the pre order tokens again.

These will go live tomorrow and will again give the buyer a digital token that can be used to redeem a copy from our allocation once our order has been received.

But enough about that, here's a look at what's in the box.

This is sizing up to be a great starter set and we will have more news about the prices of these items shortly.

Anyways that's it for today

Take care and well catch up with you all soon.




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