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New necromunda box set incoming!

The new necromunda : Ash wastes box set is up for pre-order this weekend, and as usual we will be doing our usual 20% off on this amazing new set.

The set features two new gangs ; The Ash Waste Nomads and the Orlock gangers, Whether you’re more of a biker or a rider of giant mutant insects, this set opens up plenty of ways to zoom across the sands while blasting one another to bits.

The set also includes some great modular terrain that really gives a desert vibe to your gaming table.

This box also contains cards, a themed dice set and rulers including the new damage,location and control dice needed to use the vehicles in the ash wastes set, the rulebook and reference sheet, tokens and last but certainly not least a double sided desert themed game mat. If you're interested in this box set please drop us a message so we know how many to get in store!


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