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New Events Calendar And Events!

Hey everyone, we have launched a new calendar for events onto our site to make it easier for you all to see what's happening. At the moment we have only populated February but keep an eye out for more over the next month. Gaming days and evenings are also on the calendar alternating weeks with general gaming and D&D sessions with more space for others. Painting academy session 10/2/24 We will be hosting a painting academy from 13:00-16:00 giving techniques for layering, highlighting and more. you will receive 2x space marines to build and paint and will learn normal painting methods as well as contrast method. feel free to bring your own brushes and paints with you but some will be provided it will be a great opportunity to learn some skills whether your new to the hobby or a veteran tickets are available on the site now. Combat Patrol Tournament Episode 2! 17/2/24 Combat patrol Tournament Episode 2!

Here we go again another combat patrol tournament to pit your skills against each other on the battlefield of war.

your combat patrol does not need to be painted for this event. but we encourage our participants to try and spray their models and make a start.

you will play 3 games of 1 and 1/2 hours each and count up your points from each game. the event starts at 12pm and will end around 5pm there will be a break after game one

12pm-1:30pm- game 1


2pm-game 2

3:30pm game 3

5pm prizes.

1st place will receive £50 store credit

2nd place will receive £25 store credit

3rd place will receive £15 store credit The First Composite Warboot Sale! 24/2/24 We will be holding our first warboot sale at the end of February to try and clear that hobby pile of shame come and get rid of those unwanted models to allow you to buy more of what you want! we hope to see your all here whether your selling or buying come and get some bargains and some space in your house.

 it will be £10 for a 2x4 table or £15 for a 4x4 table for the day.

doors for sellers open at 11:15am

doors for buyers open at 12pm. Dont forget you can jump in our discord and get involved! -Dan


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