• Dan

New combat patrol's incoming!

Two new combat patrols are going to be up for pre-order tomorrow, thousand sons and grey knights! The thousand sons combat patrol contains ; 1x Infernal master 5x scarab occult terminator bodyguards and a whopping 20x Tzaangors The infernal master is also going to be available separately for the first time! With the combat patrols generally averaging at 500 points each, they are a great supplementary or starter force for your army!

The second combat patrol is the grey knights. containing ; 1x Librarian in terminator armour 5x grey knight terminators 5x grey knights and of course 1x Nemesis dreadknight This combat patrol is a great value for money, and is pushing 600 points alone. They are also releasing Castellan Crowe to purchase separately, which is definitely worth picking up.

If you are interested in any of these items, please drop us a message on the website or an email to let us know, we need to know how many to get in stock! :)