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New Aeldari pre-orders!

Next week's pre-orders are featuring a LOT of new Aeldari releases, including a new Codex, Dice, datacards and a whole host of models including Maugan Ra, Warlocks, Dark reapers and warlocks. The Codex features three whole armies, with rules for Asuryani, Ynnari, and Harlequins, alongside a cornucopia of lore and many beautiful photos of their incredible miniatures. It contains a hefty campaign section, five separate psychic disciplines, and datasheets covering the Guardian foot-troops all the way to towering Wraithknights.

There are also three characters available for the first time Separately. Yvraine, the emissary of Ynnead, the god of death, The visarch and Yncarne, the herald of the God of the Dead. These models are highly detailed and Yncarne is a heavy hitter for your Aeldari forces. As usual if you guys are interested in any of these pre-order items please let us know via our chat system or drop us an email, that way we know how many to order.


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