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Mortal Minions Bask in the Power of the Dark Gods

The onslaught of heretics continues to pour out into the galaxy this week, as the next tranche of releases for rip their way out of the warp. That’s right, the mortal cults of Chaos are here to make a real mess of the galaxy in the name of the Ruinous Powers, alongside a coterie of their Chaos Space Marine betters. Let’s dig in. We kick off our celebration of all things empyrean with the next wave of evil underlings – the Chaos Cultists.

Now you can add hordes of these Chaos Cultists to your own army, providing cannon fodder valued assistance for your Chaos Space Marines. Trust us, they might look like a ragtag band, but they’re surprisingly effective in numbers.

Dark Commune

Those mortals most dedicated to their dark masters eventually begin to siphon a little of the warp’s powers and become locuses for worship. These proselytising champions form groups known as Dark Communes to lead their fellow devotees into battle, chanting cursed mantras and stripping flesh from bone with the power of their captive Mindwitch psykers. Chosen

Chaos Space Marines skilled enough to rival the champions of old come together in bands of Chosen, pooling millennia of experience and battle-tested weaponry into a hardcore fighting force. They’re as customisable as they are lethally effective, coming loaded with alternate heads, accessories, and many different kinds of accursed weapon gathered over the course of their hateful careers. Warpsmith

Joining the fight for the first time since their appearance in Eldritch Omens, the Warpsmith is a mechanical genius. Experts in patching up ancient war machines and taming daemon engines, this fallen technologist can lead warbands into battle and duel enemy leaders with all of the close combat prowess you’d expect from a veteran of the Long War. Warpforged

The Warpforged – consisting of a skittering Venomcrawler and two hulking Obliterators – are the perfect way to add heavy firepower to your warband, adding a ranged counterweight to all your close-combat specialists. Not that they won’t get stuck into the melee given a chance – they are aligned to Chaos, after all. Leviathan Siege Dreadnought with Drill & Claw Weapons*

Prepare to sunder vehicles, smash fortresses, and do everything short of salting the fields with the awesomely powerful leviathan siege dreadnought.

On top of its chest-mounted guns, this massive hunk of walking destruction comes equipped with two melee fists – each of which can be built as a siege drill or siege claw – and can shrug off brutal firepower on its quest to break apart anything and everything your opponent cherishes. Get these awesome releases and more via our website for up to 20% off, and don't forget if you subscribe you get an extra 5% off of all of your orders!


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