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Limited time Star wars Armada Bundles!

Hello everyone! We have a very limited time offer available for you all. There are two bundles available for star wars armada, only available to order until 16/09/22 and limited stock available. The rebel bundle includes : 1x assault frigate mk 2

1x rebel fighter pack

1x mc30 frigate

1x home one

1x liberty

1x rebel transports

1x phoenix home

1x hammerhead corvettes

1x star hawk

1x pelts class It will be £220 saving £141

The empire bundle includes 1x onegar star destroyer

1x super star destroyer

1x victory class

1x chimera star destroyer

1x light assault carrier

1 x fighter squadrons

it will be £260 saving £121 total!

If you're interested then please jump on these straight away as they will only be available for the next two days. These are great bundles to get into the game and we already have three people who are regulars who play so there'll be people to play with in store!


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