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Knight's pre-order's live now!

Good afternoon everyone! The new knight's pre-orders are available now on our website, including the much awaited chaos knight's box set! The miniatures in the box set are available for the first time exclusively in the box set, so if you want to earn favour with the dark gods make sure to get your hands on it now! This box set's RRP is £160 so with our 20% discount that takes it to only £128 from us, which is clearly a great saving

There are also the imperial knights out for pre-order now, with the knight Valiant, Knight castellan and the knight tyrant at £105 RRP, they are only £84 on our site. The kit can be built into any of the three knights, and comes with a range of poses, face plates and armour pieces, allowing you to fully customise your walking fortress.

Also remember that if you sign up for either tier of our subscription you will get your own 5% off code to use on anything you order from us, so you could even get these items a little cheaper that way! For example, if you sign up for our £5 a month subscription and then buy the chaos knights box set with your 5% code, you would be saving money, you'd get £6 off of the box set which would make the sub worth it straight away! As always these are available whilst stock lasts so if you're interested get on them to make sure there's some left. Thanks guys!


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