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Introducing Our new staff members: Charlotte

Hi everyone! my name is charlotte, some of you may have met me as I've already been working in the store since September. I'm new to the hobby, but I'm hoping I can learn not just from my colleagues but also from everyone who comes into the store. Although I don't have an army of my own for either 40k or AOS, I'd say my favourites based purely on aesthetics (My background is in Art and Design for video games, so this is very important to me) would be the Adepta Sororitas Sisters of battle from 40k, and the Night Haunt from age of sigmar. I'm also a big fan of Star wars, and I'm delighted that now we've started playing and should hopefully soon be stocking star wars legion in store, which I will admit I like much better than Warhammer 40k! So far I've had my hand in the development of our own board game IP, current working name 'Bomb Game' and have also created our new business cards. My interests are mostly based around the artistic side of the hobby, and I really enjoy admiring everyone's paint jobs on their armies. I look forward to seeing you all in store! :)


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