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Introducing Magic the gathering! + more

Hello everyone! Just a quick update for fans of magic the gathering, we will soon be listing it on our website! Keep an eye out for items being added in the next week, including Playmats, cards and even miniatures. If there's an item in particular you're interested in please let us know via messaging us through the website or emailing us!

For Kill team fans there is also the new Kill team : Shadowvaults going up for pre-order this weekend! This box set features necrons vs astra militarum and has some very cool new models inside -

Kill Team: Shadowvaults expands the close-quarters experience started in into the dark, adding new elements to the killzone like sentry turrets, equipment stashes, and ancient robots. Nine new missions make full use of the new pieces – including lightning raids, covert assaults, and desperate defences inside valuable vaults. We will have a limited amount of these available so if you're interested please let us know!


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