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Indomitus release, Subscription Launch and Dungeons and Dragons

Hi Guys,

I hope you are all well.

Indomitus Release

Were currently waiting for the final delivery of the boxes that we purchased directly from the Games Workshop website.

These are expected to arrive just before or on the day of release (25th July) and we will make every effort to get these copies to our customers at the earliest opportunities.


We recently unveiled our website subscriptions.

The purpose of the subscriptions is to allow us to offer extended discounts and offers to our customers in exchange for a small monthly fee.

A few of the benefits you can claim include:-

  • Composite Games Store Credit

  • An Extra discount of our store prices

  • Access to a subscribers are where special offers can be redeemed.

We are looking at activating the site subscriptions on the 1st of August and we will have a full blog on the subscriptions and how they will benefit you shortly.

Dungeons and Dragons

We wanted to end this blog with an announcement that we have started to stock Dungeons and Dragons.

We are planning on expanding the range to include a wide range of books, supplements and of course dice in the coming weeks and we will be sharing more about these with you shortly.

That's it for now so take care.



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