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Indomitus Pre Orders Part 3 (Last one we promise)


So we have been preparing ahead of tomorrows release.

We have briefed Sara, Will and Alex who will be looking to help secure the copies for our customers.

However there are two major challenges.

Challenge One, We are wanting to offer a risk free option with the pre ordering and Paypal are not refunding processing fees, this means that we would need payments to be made as friends and family.

We are looking to source copies with Composite Games money, however for every copy that has a pre order payment means that we have a chance to secure one more copy that can be sold to the people that support our community.

If your happy making this transaction then let us know, however we stress that this will have no impact on your eligibility to receive a copy that we have secured.

Challenge Two, On certain limited edition releases like Black Library book sets the Games Workshop locks out our Trade discount, The Sisters of Battle box set was not restricted. However we will not be able to confirm this until tomorrow.

We hope you are all cheering us on tomorrow as we try and grab as many as we can and we hope that we can help avoid as much disappointment with this release as we can.

Well have an update for you all tomorrow.

Kind Regards



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