Indomitus Pre Orders part 2

Hi Guys,

After the disappointing news that we were only getting 2 trade copies of the new Indomitus set we wanted to offer an alternative.

As a Games Workshop trade account holder we are eligible for a 25% discount off Games Workshop website purchases.

This means that we are looking to secure some additional copies for our customers at a price of £110 each.

If you would like to secure one of these copies then please contact us by Friday the 10th of July.

We would recommend that people contact us even if they have already contacted us as the price has changed and we are only offering 1 copy per customer.

If you would like to secure one of these items we will require payment via paypal before Friday and this money will be refunded on Saturday in full should we be unable to secure your copy.

People may be able to secure copies elsewhere and if this is the case any unclaimed copies will be passed to the next person in the list.

I know this isn't a perfect solution but at least this way we can help source copies of this set for our customers.

Any questions let us know.

Kind Regards