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Indomitus 2nd Wave FAQ

Hi Guys,

I've had a few questions about the next block of pre orders so I thought I would pop them here.

Question, How many copies are available?

Answer, The second wave is exclusively a print on demand run, so if we request 60 copies they will make us 60 copies.

Questions, What are the time scales?

Answer, Orders must be submitted by the 30th of July and delivery to traders is expected within 120 days. These items are expected to be with customer November time at the latest.

Question, How many copies can I order?

Answer, As this is an on demand print run their is no limitation.

Question, Can I use my subscription discount on these order?

Answer, Yes as these items are going through trade we are able to honour subscription discounts

I hope this answers your questions.

If you do need any further clarification then please let us know.

Kind regards



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