• Dan

Incoming army bundles!

Hi everyone! We have lots of new army bundles live on our website, 8 bundles to be exact! We had excess stock so we created these great value bundles for anyone that is interested in either starting a new army or bulking out an existing one. The new bundles for Warhammer 40k are ; Salamanders Tau Dark Angels Death guard Black templars Orks And the two bundles for Warhammer Age of sigmar are ; Soulblight Gravelords A dominion bundle for Stormcast eternals and Orruk's. These bundles are only whilst stock lasts so if you're interested then jump on them! they're great value as well and would make great gifts for anyone in your life who is interested in starting an army.

We are also going to be offering limited time only discounts on Age of sigmar Dominion, and Warcry red harvest so keep an eye on our website for more great offers!.