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In Store Gaming, RPGS And Crowdfunder Results

Operation Tidy Up Good afternoon everyone, we are currently in the starting stages of moving to our new premises. The next few weeks will see us cleaning and prepping the ground floor ready for moving into the new store. it almost doubles our current space available for stock and gaming with more 6x4ft tables for games as well as a specific hobby space for painting as well. this will give us the ability to have more events happening in store with space to accommodate more people. We are planning on running a combat patrol tournament towards the end of November once were set up with prizes for 1st 2nd and 3rd. Its the perfect time to grab a combat patrol from us so you can be ready in time to join in (it does not need to be painted). There will be more updates over the coming weeks as well as pictures of the new store keep an eye on discord and social media.

Crowdfunder The recent Crowdfunder was a great success and we appreciate everyone who helped and pledged. We would also like to fully congratulate the winner of the prize draw Peter Nettleship! who won £400 RRP of anything hobby related or geeky. We will shortly be doing another Crowdfunder to help us sort out a lot of the upstairs of the new shop and provide private themed rooms which can be hired out for events or games. So keep an eye out for when the next one launchers and make sure to check our discord for recent updates to the move. Spooky Flash Sale

The Sale for Halloween is ending on the 31st so make sure you grab the last few bargains while you can using code SpookySale to save 15% extra off.

D&D For Younger Players We have had some expressed requests and interest for a younger player D&D campaign to be held in the store. this is something we could accommodate for new players as well as anyone who's played before. This is something we would be able to offer on a weekend through the day time as well as possibly something after school on certain days. If this is something either you or someone you know or even your children would enjoy please get in touch so we can gauge numbers of how many would be up for this type of thing. The adventure would start with the dragons of storm wreck isle starter set and all people would need is a pack of dice for D&D which we do sell if you need some. This is definitely something we endeavour to do to try and make every game as accessibly to everyone as we possibly can.

New D&D releases

There is a new set of D&D books recently released called planescape adventures in the multiverse. this set comes with 3 books, a map and DM screen and adds a lot of content to your campaigns and is £71 RRP, this set will be £63 from us. Let us know if your after a copy of this new set.


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