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Games Workshop Pricing Announcement

Hi Guys,

Another busy day for us all here but I feel this needed to be addressed sooner rather than later.

Yesterday Games Workshop announced that a portion of their products would be gaining a price increase.

Looking over the items this is around 10-20% depending on the current RRP of the item, with cheaper items receiving a bigger percentage increase.

All in all its around 360 items across all of the Games Workshop brands that have been effected.

So how will this effect us and more importantly our customers.

As we are currently going through a difficult time with corvid-19 outbreak a large amount of the gaming community is turning to the hobby while they are in isolation, and as a business we don't feel this is the best time to add these price hikes at this time.

Therefore we will not implementing the recommended price increases on these items until January 2022.

Currently our prices are priced at a 20% discount of RRP and 15% off on books/paints and this will remain unchanged.

Instead we will be increasing the prices of the effected items by 5-10%. This will allow us to protect our profits while keeping our products at a highly competitive rate.

We never enjoy increasing our prices and we hope this will help people during this difficult time.

Games Workshop have also advised that orders placed with them before the 29th of May will be at the current rate. So if you need something let us know asap.

Well have more to talk about soon.

Stay Safe



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