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Hello everyone, if you follow us on social media you may have recently seen our posts about star wars armada. a lot of our customers and staff have been playing this game recently. so we thought we would take the time to spotlight this fantastic game. The game is set in the star wars universe and is a fleet based table top game. the core set which you can get comes with the empire and rebels respectively. you get everything you need for 2 people to play the game and its a fantastic start for any one who would be interested in playing. It is also a rather easy to get more ships and expand your fleets. Another good selling point of armada is the large ships all come pre painted and built so you can play straight out of the box.

in the core set you are greeted by 2 republic ships called a Nebulon-B and a Corvette and 4 X-wing squadrons. star wars fans may recognise these ships from the movies as the Corvette is the Tantive iv from a new hope and the Nebulon is the medical frigate from Empire Strikes Back. the republic ships are about speed and manoeuvres to get behind the enemy ships backed up by X-Wing squadrons.

the imperial forces in this boxset include a Victory Star Destroyer which is what captures the corvette at the beginning of a new hope. the Star Destroyers main purpose is to move slowly forward blasting away as it does so backed up by 6x squadrons of Tie fighters.

you also receive all the movement tools, dice and upgrade cards to make a bigger game from the ships you have. it can be played on a kitchen table or a 3x3 game mat.

The game is very expansive with many new ships to add to a collection as well as 2 expansions for a campaign based gameplay. there are 4 main faction based in the age of rebellion and the clone wars. including the rebels, empire, republic and separatist forces. each force brings a unique game play experience with it for example the republic have a much higher buff to squadrons and can activate far more than other ships from other armies. the separatist fleet can show a devastating array of broadside shots once they get in close for the kill.

There can be a lot of strategy involved in this game or you can keep it simple and just shoot each other out of space. play style is completely up to you and that's what makes it so fun. we have had people collect an entire fleet just to own the ships. or have the biggest ship available just to annihilate an opponent completely the options are endless and this is what keeps people playing.

Here's a customers empire fleet with most classes of star destroyer and the Super Star Destroyer! who can be commanded by emperor Palpatine himself or Darth Vader.

The staff here at composite games rate star wars armada a 10/10 for easy of learning to play. usability of the game and how much fun it actually is.

We do offer introductory games of armada in store which you can book in our discord or message us directly. We will be updating our site shortly with all the available products from the star wars armada range all with up to 20% discount off RRP.


While we are on the subject of star wars we have also had a following of star wars legion in store.

Star wars legion is a brilliant fast paced and easy to pick up miniatures game. which comes with 2 separate core sets which give you everything you need for 2 people to play as well as start your collection.

The core sets come as Rebels vs Empire and Clones vs Droids. each set has 2 decent sized starter armies in them as well as rule books measuring tools dice and unit cards.

The core sets are a fantastic way to get into this miniatures game and offer a wide variety of avenues on which army to choose and bolster. Legion offers plenty of models to make your armies bigger from troops to vehicles all from star wars including many iconic ones such as an empire AT-AT and a separatist AAT tank.

there are also now available new battle force boxes for the game if you didn't want to buy a core set that helps boost your army coming with units and tanks inside.

Again this is another highly rated game by the composite games staff is 10/10 for ease of play, putting together and adding to your army.

bundles and new items will be getting added to the store shortly and are fantastic ways to get into the star wars games. -DAN


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