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Exciting New Distributor Unlocked!

We now have an account with Heo, a distributor that provides collectibles, Games and toys. One of the items we've been wanting to get is JoyToys figures! We will be adding them to the website shortly, including the new Tempestus Scion figures. In the meantime if you want a specific item putting on the website let us know, if you check out the Heo website we can get you anything from there for up to 20% off. 😱

Heo also supply things like Funko pops, themed keychains, and more. They also supply large models like dreadnoughts, vehicles and a 1/18 scale Roboute Guilliman! Roboute has an RRP of £149.99 but of course through us you'll get it at a discount 😁

We are also going to be able to source the new space marine heroes - Series 1&2 blood angels, series 3 Deathguard and the new series of heroes that come with kill team cards. If you're interested in these items jump on them whilst you can as we are expecting them to be high in demand!

Don't forget that its not just Warhammer items from Heo, check their website out to see their wide variety of items and let us know if there's anything you want to order! - Composite Games Team


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