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Events on this month!

Hello everyone! We've got some exciting events on this month that we'd like to highlight in case you want to buy tickets ahead! First up this Saturday we have our painting academy, which is from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. Tickets are £8 and you will receive two free space marine models to practice your new techniques on. There will be some basic paints to use whilst you're in but if you have specific colours in mind please bring them in to use, along with some brushes. If you're interested in learning some new painting techniques you can buy a ticket here :

We also have Starter Sunday on the 11th which will be a free event for people to learn new Games that they haven't tried yet such as Age of sigmar, Star wars armada, X-Wing and Many others. Tables will be free for the day as well to encourage new players! After that we have our Second combat patrol tournament on the 17th! The event Costs £10 per person and starts at 12pm, finishing at 5pm. We have three prizes up for grabs this time around as well, so even more chance to win! The prizes are ; 1st place will receive £50 store credit

2nd place will receive £25 store credit

3rd place will receive £15 store credit If you're interested in giving it a go, you can buy a ticket here! : Last but certainly not least, we have our first Warboot sale on the 24th of February. The warboot is a great chance to sell some bits from your pile of shame or even to sell an army you're just not interested in playing anymore! Tables are £10 for a 2x4 table or £15 for a 4x4 table for the day. To allow sellers to set up doors for sellers open at 11:15am and doors for buyers open at 12pm. If you have some items you'd like to sell, you can buy a ticket here :


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