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Distribution issues with GW and our new Affiliate!

Hello everyone! Just a quick post here to keep you all updated, due to the extreme temperatures on Monday and Tuesday games workshop's warehouses were closed. This means that unfortunately there is a chance we will not receive our stock due to the backlog left from two days of orders left in the warehouse. Anyone waiting for orders this week, if it turns up will be shipped asap, if not it will be shipped Tuesday/Wednesday. We are extremely sorry for this especially after the delays from last week, and hope that you can all understand that this is out of our hands and we will keep you all as informed as possible.

We would also like to welcome our newest affiliates to the composite games group - Bigmeks workshop paint studio! They produce high quality painting tutorials, conversions and upcoming battle reports which will be filmed in store. They're on a two week holiday but once they're back keep an eye out for their new videos, and upcoming re-launch!. We are looking forward to helping them grow their fanbase so if you're interested make sure to subscribe on YouTube and follow them on their socials. Also don't forget that the new chaos releases will be live on our webstore at 10am, so if you're interested in any of those keep an eye out as we're expecting them to be popular, especially the leviathan! We would also like to mention our Store anniversary event next Saturday to celebrate the shop being open for a year! We are going to be having games of Warhammer 40k in the shop as usual till around 5pm, then a special stranger things Dnd session will begin. The event is £20 but this includes your table fees, a bag of Dnd dice, a Hellfire club t-shirt and a takeaway. If you're interested then please purchase your ticket via our website, just search for 'Anniversary event D&D event'


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