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Dicey Giveaways update

Hi everyone! This is your midweek update on the amazing competitions you can enter over at our friends dicey giveaways! There are nine competitions open right now and as you can see they're all excellent prizes, great for new or existing players. My personal pick for best prize this week would definitely be the ultimate army starter, its great for anyone you know who's wanting to start a new army or get into the game in general!

If you're interested then jump on these before time runs out! If you want to get 25% off of your first entry, use code WELCOME25, it will let them know we sent you 😉 We'll be making these blog posts weekly to keep you all informed on what prizes are up for grabs, so you'll be hearing from me again next week! Follow the link below to Dicey Giveaways and enter now!


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