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December Events and Activities

Hi Guys,

We hope you are all well.

We're about to move to the next phase of our business and we wanted to announce some exciting events we are planning to help new and existing players meet other players and sample some of the games we sell and promote.

Firstly, on the 9th of December we will be hosting a Combat Patrol tournament that will be open to both new and experienced warhammer 40k players.

Each player will pick a standard combat patrol that they will field in line with the combat patrol rules in the core warhammer 40k rulebook.

Entry to the tournament will be £10.00 and each player will play in a minimum of 3 games.

There will be prizes provided by us for the overall winner and runner up places, as well as recognition for best painted combat patrol and maybe some other fun ones as well.

If your interested in taking part well be posting a more in depth guide to the tournament and details on how to enter shortly.

Secondly, on the 16th of December we will be hosting our first competitive Dungeons and Dragons event.

In this event 4 teams of 6 players will take join one of our 4 DM's to run a custom timed adventure.

The first party to finish the adventure will be crowned the winner with prizes and other cool rewards being on offer for those who brave our adventure.

Entry will be £10.00 per person but gold coins will be provided to trade for drinks and other bonuses and well even throw in a set of D&D dice for each player.

The rules and details of the event will follow shortly in a separate blog.

And finally, in recognition of our partnership with Crucible 7 game studios we will be running a series of special introductory games of their new role playing game Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Imperium Maledictum

Crucible 7 have kindly provided us with an introductory adventure and game materials and we are looking run several sessions over our gaming evenings and weekends in December.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at these events as we head into the festive season.

Take care and we will speak to you all again soon.



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