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Content Drop Inbound

Hello everyone, weve been busy at composite games lately trying to get our hands on new wholesalers and distributors as well as more stock for the store. We have been able to add pre orders for Christmas jumpers for Warhammer 40k and star wars ready for the festive period coming up. There are plenty of designs to choose from and sizes. these jumpers have some fantastic new designs as well as some of your favourite characters and factions form the 40k universe.

As well as the Christmas jumper update weve been able to get a hold of some new clothing ranges including jackets, hoodies and coats from star wars and Warhammer universe. These themed jackets and hoodies are filled with detail and a personal favourite of the team is the Ork Bomber jacket. DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA and the odd WAAAAAAGGGHHHHHH. There is a Han Solo jacket and winter coat from the Hoth system, Luke's jacket he left in Bespin, leather jackets from some unknown planet in the segmentum tempestus and hoodies from a Necron tomb world and much more.

This clothing range is all on our website now with discount ready for pre orders and those all important Christmas parties and to show off at those tournament weekends.

Board Games Galore We have been slowly adding more general boxed board games and miniatures games to the site. weve been able to add some really good RPGs, expansions and Card games. some the boxsets weve added are Nemesis and Nemesis lockdown. we played this game instore recently and its extremely fun and nerve wracking waiting for aliens to jump out of vents and murder you. You have limited ammo and weapons and must find more. you can set traps for each other and need to escape a ship all while being chased by numerous aliens. The boards are nicely details, the miniatures are finely modelled and great quality. This game and its expansions and sequel are immensely fun and great for up to 5 players. Do you trust your friends? or do you go it alone. Heroquest is also on the store with a plethora of expansions bringing new ways to play to the game. plenty of new heroes, monsters and terrain. Heroquest is a game from from the 80s reimagined and brought UpToDate but still as immensely fun today as it was then. the miniatures are a good quality the rules are simple to jump straight in and play. Lord of the Rings The Card Game has been added with all of its expansions and starter decks. this game looks like a really well thought out and methodical deck based game with hours of content and multiple ways to play it could be a great game to get into.

New D&D Dice Sets

Polyhero Dice are Fantastic themed Sets of D&D dice for each class type and more. you get shape specific dice such as hammers, potions, barres, gems and more all balanced correctly to roll as a normal dice and give you that flare for your rolling. These Sets come in a vast array of colours and classes and are perfect for those sessions.

All of these items and more are available on our store now! with up to 20% off RRP so come and grab some discounts while you can. Don't forget to also jump on our Discord server and get involved with conversations and also see what were up to next. -Dan


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