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Composite Warboot this weekend!

Hello everyone! Our warboot is going to be happening this Saturday. This is a great opportunity to get rid of some of your pile of shame, or you could come and buy someone else's! We already have some sellers offering a selection of Warhammer 40k mini's but we still have a few tables left if you've got some miniatures you'd like to sell!

Tickets will be £10 for a 2x4 table or £15 for a 4x4 table for the day. The doors open at 11:15 for sellers so they have time to set up their tables and then the store will be open from 12 for buyers to come in and browse! Buy your tickets to sell here :

We also currently have three Deathwing Assault boxes in store and ready for purchase, we're selling them for only £135 so if you missed out and would still like a copy they're ready for purchase and collection now!


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