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Composite Games Subscriptions

Hi Guys

Ok, so brace yourself as this will be a long one but I hope this breaks down the value of subscribing to the website and how have a subscription will benefit you.

So we mentioned a few weeks ago that we have had a soft launch of our subscriptions and today we wanted to talk a bit more about this and how site members can make Composite Games work for them and their tabletop, roleplaying or card game needs.

When we first envisioned our membership scheme our primary goal was to create a model that would entice customers to join our site and help create a community and help generate a direct line of income that could be used to cover the cost of rent and staff.

This was important as in order for us to keep our prices constantly low we wanted to introduce alternative lines of income.

The next stage was to make it enticing to our customers, the first we introduced was a scaling discount that was dependent on the customers subscription level. However we needed something else.

Therefore we introduced our store credit scheme, generally these awarded customers pennies based upon their purchases and as one of primary objectives is to make these hobbies more accessible we knew that we needed to go further.

So with this in mind we introduced our store credit model.

The premise of this is pretty straightforward, once you have an active subscription you will earn £1.00 credit for every £30 a customer spends on an order.

So if Will has a Silver membership he has invested £3.00 into Composite Games for that month, if he places an order for a Know no Fear box set he not only gets his 5% discount but as the orders value is £36.00 he also gains £1.00 credit.

A few weeks later he places another order that costs him £60.

This means by the end of the month hes earn't himself £3.00 and effectively earn't his subscription back.

So now he has £3.00 credit to spend or keep on his account, he can either keep this for later or redeem it on his next purchase.

But that's all, as while we are currently making most of our income from games Workshop releases we are also starting to stock other brands such as Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons and Mantic.

While the brands may differ your store credit is site wide and can be used against any on site purchases.

However as we also wanted to take this one step further by offering something special to our elite hobbyist friends.

So, very shortly we will be providing a link directly on our Games Workshop account to the Forge World site, customer will be able to browse their catalogue and select items that they want from Forge World and we will process a bespoke order for them.

This means that customers will able to find a model they like and redeem their credit against it, which also means that subscribers who frequently buy from us could potentially redeem new Forge World purchases for free.

So, now we have a subscription where customers can get a discount off their purchases and are now able to redeem store credit against qualifying orders, but what else could we do.

So to wrap things up subscribers get automatically enrolled into giveaways and access to a special store page.

This store page will include heavily discounted products and clearance items that will not be viewable to non subscribers.

This along with the subscriber only chat groups will hopefully give our subscribers a very unique experience when they shop with us.

However we wanted to post one final offering.

When we first started off we did most our pricing on a bespoke basis, however as our customer base expanded and we began to gain more orders via our site this became unmanageable due to amount of orders and customer communication that would be required.

However we are aware that some of our customers purchase larger volumes of items than others, so to recognise this we will be introduce a unique subscription offering for these customers.

We are calling this our Platinum subscription, it will cost £7.00 a month, however it will allow the customer access to bespoke pricing which means that larger orders will be eligible for a larger discount that than gold tier subscribers.

To help ensure that we are able to ensure that we can give the subscribers the service they require we will be limiting the amount of Platinum subscribers to 5 subscribers and we will be increasing this as we grow.

I know this has been a long blog and I wanted to show the thought process that has gone into this and how it can work for you as one of our valued customers.

You can view the subscriptions and find details on how to subscribe below.

Let us know what you think and well be posting an FAQ and an update to the main site shortly.



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