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Composite Games Prize Draw No.2

Hi Guys,

We hope that you have all been having fun with your hobby time.

As we are getting close to the upcoming launch of Warhammer 40k 10th Edition we have decided to make this the focus of our next draw.

As before the rules of the draw are simple.

Head over to our page on the website and buy the amount of tickets that you want.

Once the draw is completed we will draw a winner for a free copy of the new Leviathan box set.

However to make things a little bit more interesting we've added a fun caveat.

For every £150.00 the prize draw makes we will give away a free copy of Leviathan.

So £300.00 would equal 2 draws, £450.00 would be 3 draws and so forth.

So the more successful the draw the bigger your odds of winning.

And Finally as an extra incentive for people to enter and help support the store we are adding a special secondary prize.

So, when you enter the draw your name will be added into a special to draw for a chance to win a copy of the latest Kill Team: Ashes of Faith set.

This is a special free draw so only one entry per person will be included, all the other terms and conditions of the draw will still apply however.

We really appreciate all the support that our community has given us and we have some great new offers and promotions coming for a whole range of new games shortly, so please keep an eye on the site.

Thats it for now, so take care guys.



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